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363 days per year!

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Residential Containers

Mickey's can remove nearly anything YOU may need.

Household Waste

Mickey's can service your household trash either on-call or any schedule you can think of!

Client Services

Scheduled and automatic Seasonal trash removal service.  On-Call, scheduled, multi day/time service and Realtor service

Relocation Service

Are you moving or in need of items removed from your basement, Mickey's can help!

Mickey’s Carting operates a fleet of trucks and with the help of our experienced staff, we can offer fast, reliable, and economical residential waste disposal services. Our residential services include the collection of all solid and recyclable materials. Our system of collection and disposal allows our customers the freedom to put their trash in one container and we provide the transport to a facility that sorts all recyclables from non-recyclables. Not only is this efficient but no demands are placed on our residential clients to sort their trash.


We operate specially designed vehicles that are small enough to get into the tightest driveways yet large enough to service our East End clients. Our trusted Mickey’s Carting drivers have been with us for many years, quite a few have been with the team for over 30 years, and have become a part of our family while providing our clients with a safe, secure, and respected service provider.

When you’re about to start a home project, you’ll want to free yourself from junk and clutter as fast as possible. Mickeys can help you get rid of it quickly and efficiently with a container dumpster delivered right to your home. We have dumpsters of all sizes to take care of any job, see containers, from junk removal to landscape spring cleaning, you can rest easy knowing Mickey’s Carting will dispose of your waste the right way.

Do you have furniture or items you can not remove yourself, we can help! Mickey's can provide men to help you remove or relocate those items any day or any time! We can deliver a container size, of your choosing, our team or your contractors fill the container with your debris and then we remove the container with your debris, done. That's it, easy!

​Set up a scheduled service or a one-time pickup, we can accommodate any residential trash removal needs.

WE get YOUR job completed
on time, every time! 


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