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About  Us

We are different from the competitors!

Mickey's is unsurpassed in getting YOUR job done for YOU and not with out-of-town tactics, 10-year price contracts, or for corporate benefit only. Granted, we need to make our business succeed, but by helping YOU achieve your needs, we also grow. That's how we are different!  

Mickey's Carting Corp. has provided homeowners and businesses with nothing but the best waste removal service for over 30 years!

What started as a young kid with a garbage truck obsession turned into one of the largest and one of the only local waste removal companies on the East End!

We strive for excellence in our service and our employees. Most of our employees have been with the company for over 20 years, and quite a few have remained with Mickey since the company was started in 1986.

Mickey's Carting is focused on collecting and processing your waste at competitive prices while providing superior service and environmentally sound solutions par none.

We know you have a few options on how and who will remove your debris. We hope that our experience and the ability to provide our clients with unparalleled personal service are the defining factors. We are not an "up-Island" company. We are local. Our company offers the fastest turnaround for client services. Our community support helps all the towns on the East End of Long Island. We have provided free service for waste removal for the Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade, The L.V.I.S ( Ladies Village Improvement Society ), The Montauk Triathalon, and a few more Not-For-Profit organizations FOR MANY YEARS.

  • You will receive service exceeding your expectations with professional drivers utilizing state-of-the-art trucks and equipment.

  • You have access to the owners and team members who are local and available when you need them. Our team is friendly and honorable while respecting your privacy!

  • ​You have the convenience of a local company providing the fastest turn-around for your service.

  • ​You connect directly to a live customer service representative every time you call. You will not get an option to "Press 1 for Residential Service"

  • ​Our state-of-the-art recycling facility that processes the materials we receive separates the trash into each recyclable category and is shipped to other recycling facilities worldwide.

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